Dec 19, 2012

Where to find LAB.C + D iPhone 5 Cases in Manila

Posted Dec 19, 2012
LAB.C is a maker of beautiful iPhone cases and their products have reached the Philippine shore. It can be found in Beyond the Box, an Apple re-seller. Stores are located in Resort's World and in One Rockwell (East).

I'm not aware of other stores selling Lab.C products although you can also find them in I prefer buying this kind of item in retail stores since a lot of fake products are circulating the market. Plus, I'm surprised to find out that it costs more to buy in (~P1,800) than in Beyond the Box (P1,071).

LAB.C iPhone 5 cases cost P1,190 each, if you avail the 10% discount, it becomes P1,071. Not too bad, but I still think Apple accessories are way overpriced.

For more information on Beyond the Box, go to their website or contact them through:

Newport Mall Resorts World
Address: 3rd Flr. Shop 6, Resort World Manila 100 Andrews Ave. New Port
Pasay City 1309
Phone Number: 846-2390

One Rockwell
Address: Unit No. 103, One Rockwell East Tower, Rockwell Center,
Makati City
Phone Number: 4787765, 4787767

Lucky China Town Mall
Address: 3/F Shop 6 Newport Mall, Newport City, Cybertourism Zone, NAIA Terminal 3,
Paranaque City
Phone Number: 8462390

How to Avail the 10% Discount in Beyond the Box stores

To avail the 10% discount in Beyond the Box stores, you just need to post a Facebook status and tweet the ff:

I am in my favorite Apple Premium Reseller store in the metro, Beyond the Box at One Rockwell

or whatever store you're at, e.g. Resorts World Manila. Happy shopping!

iOS 6.0.2 Update - Should You Update?

Just saw a new update 6.0.2, it is a minor update for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini regarding Wi-Fi issues and several bug fixes. I don't seem to seem to notice in any problems in Wi-fi connectivity, and so, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Some are reporting problems connecting to Apple servers, but it's probably due to the number of users updating their software.

If you are planning to jailbreak your iPhone, updating to this version is not recommended until it is properly supported.

Dec 16, 2012

Donaire vs Arce 2012 Fight [Video]

Posted Dec 16, 2012

I enjoy watching Donaire's fights more than Pacquiao's, and this one is no different. Congratulations to our very own Nonito Donaire! 

Dec 10, 2012

PALEA Rallies Around San Miguel Ave

Posted Dec 10, 2012
As I was about to have lunch today, 10th of December 2012, when I saw the group of Philippine Airlines Employees Association (PALEA) building up at the entrance of San Miguel compound. When their number increased, they rallied around San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Centre. I decided to follow them and take pictures and vidoes. feeling reporter :)

Most of them wore red shirts and carried banners and printed flags that signifies what they are fighting for, of which I didn't have a clue so I asked one of them, Ano pong ipinaglalaban ninyo? He replied Kami yung mga regular employees na gustong gawing contractors ng PAL. Bababa na sweldo namin, mawawala pa benepisyo kaya hindi kami pumirma! They were regular workers then PAL decided to outsource the job and make them contractual workers in the process.

As I joined them for a brief moment, I felt how their spirits unite and the emotion of standing firm on your principles. Plus, they did it in a peaceful and orderly manner. I hope it is enough to reach the ears of the concerned parties.

The rally caused significant traffic in the already busy streets of Ortigas Centre. But as of writing (1PM), I checked San Miguel Ave from my workplace, it seems that the strike has already ended.

San Miguel Corporation (SMC) bought 49% of PAL shares last April, 2012. I don't know much about the issue, but I'm guessing that the company did this to cut costs. In my opinion, loyal employees should be given what's due for them. Profit is good, but if at the expense of hard-working citizens, the move should be re-evaluated. It isn't as if SMC / PAL is on its way to bankruptcy, is it?

Dec 9, 2012

Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 Live Blog

Posted Dec 9, 2012

Upto the minute update on pacquiao marquez 4 fight. Just refresh this page regularly to see the updates.


For a moment, I thought Manny died. I think Manny should retire.

2.05pm - Manny on the interview says he didn't expect the punch. Says he was over confident. Will we expect a 5th match? Bob Arum says, Why Not.

2pm - Marquez had a definitive win on rouand 6 which he was targetting for.

2pm - Marquez wins by knock out victory. A SAD day for Filipinos.

1.54pm Manny is up.

1.53pm Manny still not getting up.

1.49pm - Round 6. Good punches by Manny. Marquez retaliates with counter punches.  Manny is down, seems for good.

1.45pm - Round 5. Marquez touches the canvas! Fight is getting more intense. Fight continues. Manny hammers Marquez. Crowd roars as Marquez was cornered. Good round for Manny.

1.41pm - Round 4. Manny more cautious on this round. Jinky and the rest of Filipinos looking more nervous.

1.47pm - Round 3. Manny knocked down. Gets up quickly. A small victory for Marquez.

1.33pm - Round 2. Manny taking the lead.  Round ends. Not much action, but manny is more active.

1.30pm - Round 1 starts.  Manny starts to connect clean shots. Manny is dictating the fight on their first round.

1.27pm - Kenny Bayles as the referee. Pacman on gray shorts. Marquez on black. Instructions have been given.

1.24pm - Manny Pacquiao enters. Crowd roars. Jinky looking a bit anxious.

1.15pm - Juan Manuel Marquez enters the arena first. 

1.11pm - National anthems have been sung. Video regarding the history between the two fighter starts

1.02pm - "Round 37" of Pacquiao - Marquez starts in a while.

12.59pm - End of 12 rounds. Gamboa announced as the winner. Farenas has great stamina to survive all the rounds.

12.50pm - Round 10 ends. Not much action this time.

12.45pm - Round 9. Farenas knocks down gamboa!  Fight continues.

12.35pm - Round 7. Farenas being hammered. Down for the second time, but quickly recovers. Farenas connects new punches to Gamboa. This is not over yet.

12.24pm - this is an intense fight. Farenas hitting solid punches, seem to wobble Gamboa.

12.16pm - crowd roars as Farenas seems to hurt Gamboa.

Farenas knocked down at round 2 by a quick right hand.

12.10pm - Gamboa - Farenas fight starts. This is the last match before the Pacquiao - Marquez fight.

12.01pm - Gamboa vs Farenas (from the Philippines) is about to start.

50 Cent performs live at the arena as Gamboa enters the ring.

11.58am - Manny is being interviewed at the locker room, says he's ready for the fight and very focused.

11.34am - Main fight is yet to start

Dec 8, 2012

Watch Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 Live Stream on Dec 8

Posted Dec 8, 2012
Update: click here to read the live blog of the fight. 

If the impossible happens and nobody watches the HBO pay per view tomorrow, Manny Pacquiao is guaranteed to get 942 million pesos. Juan Manuel Marquez, on the other hand, will get around P246 million. That's a lot of money!

Okay, this is not really a live stream site. I'm sure several sites will host a free live streaming of Pacquiao Marquez fight tomorrow, December 9, 2012. Maybe I'll update this blog entry tomorrow if I find free live streaming sites. Personally, will watch it on SM theater because it's more fun to watch boxing matches with a crowd.

Link to LIVE Stream
If you want to share live streaming sites, add it in the comment section below.

Dec 4, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 now available for pre-order at Globe

Posted Dec 4, 2012
Today, Apple has confirmed the shipment of iPhone 5 to the Philippines set on December 14. Globe also announced today that the iPhone 5 is available for pre-order on their website.

Globe didn't tell how much the iPhone 5 will be or on what postpaid plan it will be bundled with. I'm hoping it will be affordable on Plan 1799. 

You can reserve a white or black iPhone, a 16GB, 32GB or 64GB capacity.

The previous rumor was off by one day, but not bad, for a hearsay.

Dec 3, 2012

Dec 2, 2012

McAfee Antivirus founder Interviewed [Video]

Posted Dec 2, 2012
John McAfee, 67, is on the run from the police after he's been wanted for questioning about the murder of his neighbor Gregory Viant Faull in Belize. In several interviews, he denied the allegations and said this was a set-up made by the government when he refused to give a donation to a politician.

Even after the police said that he's not a suspect and there's no reason to run, that they simply want to question him, McAfee still fears for his life, saying if he's captured, they will kill him. Either he tells the truth or he just watches too many conspiracy films.


The bizarre story of McAfee antivirus software company founder John McAfee keeps getting weirder, and now CNN has caught up with the 67-year-old tech titan at his hideout in Belize.