Apr 25, 2013

Draw Something 2 is here! [Quick Review]

Posted Apr 25, 2013

From the popular game Draw Something, which we all loved and eventually get tired of, comes the sequel aptly named Draw Something 2!

The interface feels like Instagram, and I mean it in a good way. You can see what others drew and there are more social options such as liking, commenting and sharing.

But the biggest difference is the set of tools available for drawing. With the new app, people are equipped to make more beautiful drawings. Just by looking at the gallery, I can see how talented people are and how sucky I am haha!

Zynga has made quite a game with Draw Something 2. Maybe it'll take a longer time before we get bored playing this game. I give Draw Something 2 a 4 out of 5 stars.

As of writing it's only available for iOS. You can download the free version here.


Full Pink Moon tonight with partial lunar eclipse.. So what is a Pink Moon anyway?

I love learning new things and today I read a new term: Pink Moon. Pink Moon is the term for the full moon in the month of April, and no, the moon will not turn pink tonight (April 25, 2013).

Although we might see a change in color due to the coincidence of partial lunar eclipse that's also happening tonight; probably we'll see the moon a bit orange-y, but who knows it might actually turn somewhat pink tonight haha! The lunar eclipse is visible in Asia, Africa and Europe.

According to various sources, the term Pink Moon dates back to the ancient times where moons were named after the different seasons important to ancient tribes, describing the prominent scenario seen on earth:

Full Pink Moon (April): Bloom of herb moss pink or wild ground phlox during spring.

Full Flower Moon (May): When flowers are abundant

Full Buck Moon (July): New antlers of buck deer grow out of their foreheads.

Full Sturgeon Moon (August): Sturgeon is a large fish. During this month, sturgeons were caught without difficulty, probably it's the time when the eggs hatch and mature.

Full Harvest Moon (September): Also called the Full Corn Moon. A time of harvest. I remember the game Harvest Moon, they probably get it from this term.

Full Hunter's Moon (October): Native Americans hunt in preparation for the winter.

Full Beaver Moon (November): Either they hunt for beavers for their fur or beavers starts to prepare for winter.

Full Cold Moon or Full Long Nights Moon (December): Time of winter where the nights are coldest, longest, and darkest.

Source 1Source 2, Source 3and thanks swashbuckler for the photo

Apr 16, 2013

Murder caught by Maps at 52.376552, 5.198303: True or fake?

Posted Apr 16, 2013

If you type the coordinates 52.376552,5.198303 in Google Maps and check the satellite view, you'll see an unusual picture. I freaked out a bit when I first saw the image at the same time I was amazed that such a setting can be captured by Google Maps.

It's like a scene from a horror film where two men were seemingly dragging a dead body leaving a trail of blood along the way. What will they do next, throw the body in the lake? Haha!

Some say it's a dog, or a furry animal, some are convinced that it's a dead body. What do you think? Type it in the comment section below.

[Update] Case solved! It's a dog. Haha! Thank you Jasmine for giving the link below.