Mar 30, 2011

12-year-old may Prove Einstein Wrong

Posted Mar 30, 2011
I was reading an article on Yahoo and Time about a 12-year-old savant who theorizes regarding the theory of relativity. He has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, a type of autism disorder, and has an IQ of 170. I wonder how his mind works, or how would a conversation with his girlfriend go. Him: I think emc2 is wrong Her: ???? Him: Light shouldn't travel in a straight line Her: What light?

He was already taking astrophysics classes at the age of eight, and is now being recruited by Indiana University for a paid research. I bet by now he's having a hard time sleeping thinking about how wrong those astrophysics equations are. He has a theory that may debunk the big bang, but all my IQ of 130 understood when I watched the video was he was still working on the details. This kid is amazing! But I don't wish I had his IQ, that would be very very sad; all those questions and sleepless nights. But would it be worth a Nobel prize? Hehe

Mar 26, 2011

The CDO nightmare

Posted Mar 26, 2011
What's worse than having a cold shower at four in the morning? It's waking up from a dream of it!

Mar 23, 2011

Surprise Drug Test

Posted Mar 23, 2011
In compliance with the requirement of the Sanitary Office of Pasig and DOLE, we are required to undergo a drug test today between 1pm - 6pm. "Rest assured that the result will be kept confidential", says our company admin :) Hope coffee won't have any impact on their analysis. I can already imagine myself shouting, "I'm clean! I'm clean!"

Is it Gaddafi, Qaddafi, Qadhafi, Gadhafi, or Kaddafi?

To start my work day, I read some quick news or fun facts from Yahoo. Today I read about an Air Force pilot crashing (but surviving) in Libya who was lucky enough to have landed on a friendly territory. As I was reading, I noticed that the spelling of the Libyan leader was Muammar Gadhafi, and I thought, hmm… I thought it was Gaddafi or even Qaddafi! Even I was confused! In my previous post I consciously renamed Qaddafi to Gaddafi for a slight fear of misspelling his name.

I searched for the correct spelling and soon found out that there was no accepted western spelling for the name. News all over the world used their preferred spelling closest to the Arabic pronunciation. But since Wikipedia, Aljazeera and most of the articles I read spell it as "Gaddafi", I will follow the norm.

Mar 21, 2011

Copyright Awareness: Linking Images in your Blog

Posted Mar 21, 2011

I wanted to blog about the conflict in Libya and decided to post an image of Gaddafi. Since I won’t likely have the chance to shoot a picture of him using my camera, I need to take one from the internet. Seems simple right? Not! So I decided to postpone my opinion regarding Libya for this information.

As a software developer, I was exposed to different legalities of using somebody else’s work, a.k.a. Licenses. So I thought there might be something related to taking images from the internet or just simply linking them to your blog. What I read stunned me. There are actual cases that bloggers sued / were sued because of copyright infringement, there’s even one case from the Philippines involving a blogger and Manila Bulletin. Demands cost from a simple warning to actually paying up a large amount of money, ~$5,000 – $7.6 Million… yes $7,600,000!

What’s the lesson here? Do not use somebody else’s image or better yet, any copyrighted work because it’s considered stealing. Don’t use Google image search to search for images and link it to your blog, it is most likely that those images are copyrighted. It is better to assume that an image is protected by copyright law unless explicitly stated. Even if you can’t see anywhere on the page regarding a license agreement in using an image, the law provides full copyright protection to the author.

So where do I find free images? There are many resource sites that offer free images, royalty-free. These include Flickr, Wikipedia, and to name a few. Take note though that not all images on Flickr and Wikipedia are free to use and link to your blog and even those free ones in many cases, need attribution of the original author. This is especially enforced in the Create Commons License Agreement; the author can even choose how he or she will be attributed. I can’t stress this enough, look for the license agreement of the picture you are about to use before linking it in your blog entry!


AI Top 12: When Casey Sang Nirvana

Top 12 is over and as expected, I didn’t like the performance of the ladies. Even throughout this season of American Idol, imo, they’re forgettable. Guys, on the other hand, are really bringing the competition on; a lot of unique voices and great singers.

Overall, I like the way Casey sings, but I didn’t get his last performance singing a Nirvana song. I was excited at first because it’s part of what defined my generation (and it was noted it was a first in AI) but then again, as I was watching the video, his version felt a bit worse than the original. If I say it’s not that bad, I would be biased or lying. Whichever is the case and as a slight fan, I commend him for the risk. Just don’t sing like that in the finals and you’ll be okay.

The next singer I root for is Jacob Lusk. Although he’s a bit over emotional on stage, when he hits those high notes, it’s really good. I love his version of the song, A House is not a Home (Top 24).

One of the unique voices of this season, Paul McDonald, kinda reminds me of… Rod Stewart (was thinking of Barry Manilow, no not him!). Haha! He dances weird, but it’s cool and it’s a representation of who he is; unique and/but great (Regina Spektor suddenly flashed).

I wouldn’t be shocked if Scotty were to win this competition because I was already caught off-guard when “Need You Know” by Lady Antebellum dominated the Grammys. I have nothing against the song, it's actually very good. I just didn’t expect it will be the song of the year. Just goes to show that America loves Country music that much.

On a side note: When we were watching AI, I think none of us recognized Fergie of BEP because her face seemed to have changed big time. One of my friends commented she put on less make up that night, thus the big difference, hmm I don’t know.

Anyway, Goodbye Karen, ‘nuff said.

Mar 20, 2011

Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Plant is Now Under Control

Posted Mar 20, 2011
Currently watching CNN and I'm relieved to hear that they now have a constant supply of water to the troubled reactor of Fukushima Power Plant. It has been reported that there is no more melt-down risk as long as the water continues to flow and cool the previously over-heated reactor down. This is great news indeed!

However, problems are not over yet. Radioactive spinach and milk have been found in farms near the power plant. I hope they won't get exported! I don't want those toxic stuff when I'm eating my cereals.

Source: CNN

Mar 19, 2011

Finally, is born!

Posted Mar 19, 2011
I'm having tons of fun with this domain, but there are still so many things to do. But before everything else, I would like to savor this moment because is now official! This first post symbolizes the ribbon being cut to signify this blog's soft opening, lol! A 2nd level symbolism, cool.

Sigh that my free time is scarce, but this site is progressing bit by bit. Hope I'll be able to do all the things I have in mind.