Dec 10, 2012

PALEA Rallies Around San Miguel Ave

Posted Dec 10, 2012
As I was about to have lunch today, 10th of December 2012, when I saw the group of Philippine Airlines Employees Association (PALEA) building up at the entrance of San Miguel compound. When their number increased, they rallied around San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Centre. I decided to follow them and take pictures and vidoes. feeling reporter :)

Most of them wore red shirts and carried banners and printed flags that signifies what they are fighting for, of which I didn't have a clue so I asked one of them, Ano pong ipinaglalaban ninyo? He replied Kami yung mga regular employees na gustong gawing contractors ng PAL. Bababa na sweldo namin, mawawala pa benepisyo kaya hindi kami pumirma! They were regular workers then PAL decided to outsource the job and make them contractual workers in the process.

As I joined them for a brief moment, I felt how their spirits unite and the emotion of standing firm on your principles. Plus, they did it in a peaceful and orderly manner. I hope it is enough to reach the ears of the concerned parties.

The rally caused significant traffic in the already busy streets of Ortigas Centre. But as of writing (1PM), I checked San Miguel Ave from my workplace, it seems that the strike has already ended.

San Miguel Corporation (SMC) bought 49% of PAL shares last April, 2012. I don't know much about the issue, but I'm guessing that the company did this to cut costs. In my opinion, loyal employees should be given what's due for them. Profit is good, but if at the expense of hard-working citizens, the move should be re-evaluated. It isn't as if SMC / PAL is on its way to bankruptcy, is it?

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