Jan 30, 2014

How to know if a credit card is Visa or Mastercard

Posted Jan 30, 2014
In certain cases, it's crucial a credit card's issuer type.

You can identify the type by looking at the first few numbers of your credit card:

Visa starts with 4.
MasterCard starts with 51-55.
Diner's club starts with 36 / 38.
Discover starts with 6011 / 65.
JCB starts with 35.
American Express starts with 34 / 37.

Source: Wikipedia

Consider my case: My friend bought an item for me. She asked me to pay her back by depositing the money to her credit card. I was given the credit card number (even though this is not secure) and the bank's name. When I went to my online payment, I registered the card but it asked me if it's Visa or Mastercard. My friend is not available and there's a cut off time so I need to know immediately.

Jan 10, 2014

Apple Store Philippines goes on sale!

Posted Jan 10, 2014
Apple Store Philippines goes on one-day sale across the board today, January 10, 2014. All items are on sale!

It is worth noting that the sale is around 6-20% off the original price and you'll save more on lower end items. *Hmmm.. what to buy... what to buy*

ItemStarting FromBeforeSave% Off
iPad Mini Retina P19,080 P20,490 P1,410 6.9%
iPad Air P23,480 P25,490 P2,010 7.9%
iPad Mini P14,480 P15,490 P1,010 6.5%
iPad 2 P17,580 P18,990 P1,410 7.4%

ItemStarting FromBeforeSave% Off
MacBook Air P44,980 P49,990 P5,010 10%
iMac P62,980 P67,990 P5,010 7.4%
MacBook Pro Retina P62,980 P67,990 P5,010 7.4%
MacBook Pro P54,980 P59,990 P5,010 8.3%

ItemStarting FromBeforeSave% Off
iPod Nano P7,680 P8,290 P610 7.4%
iPod Touch P15,080 P16,490 P1,410 8.6%
Apple TV P3,980 P4,990 P1,010 20%