Jan 29, 2013

iOS 6.1 update enables LTE in the Philippines

Posted Jan 29, 2013

Globe and Smart iPhone 5 users rejoice! LTE can now be enabled after updating to iOS 6.1. The ~100MB update also contain other improvements and bug fixes but the most significant thing for us here in the Philippines is we can now enjoy surfing at LTE speeds, given that you're in an LTE-enabled area.

After updating your iPhone 5 to 6.1, go to Settings > General > Cellular and see that you now have the much awaited "Enable LTE" option.

Jan 23, 2013

Kimstore 5,000 Off Promo

Posted Jan 23, 2013

Kimstore is on sale! 5,000 Pesos off on available items with a minimum purchase of P20,000. The promo is up to January 31. [Update] Kimstore announced that the promo is only until January 24.


1. Check with Kimstore first if item is available [Important].
-You can probably contact her on her phone or Facebook chat or Twitter. See below for contact details.

2. At Kimstore Multiply Website, click BUY NOW button beside the item you want to buy.

3. Proceed with checkout and enter email address.

4. Enter the discount code PH-GADGET5KOFF

5. Select payment option and enter shipping address.


1. You may participate in the promo with or without Multiply ID.

2. Make sure you enter the proper discount code, capitalization and all.

3. For BDO and BPI bank deposits, provide 1 whole business day to verify payments. Credit card payments take 2-3 days.

4. Unit will be shipped via LBC.

5. Promo is valid only for shipping. Meetups are not part of the promo.

6. Promo is valid of items worth 20,000 Pesos and up.

Contact Details:
Mobile: 0905 320 1818 , 0922 885 9799 , 0908 886 9799
Facebook: http://facebook.com/kimstorePH

Give your complete name, order and contact number when you're contacting her.

Jan 21, 2013

iPad Meeting App - Anywhere Pad

Posted Jan 21, 2013

iPad Meeting App

Anywhere Pad has a new design. User interface has been revamped to make it more user-friendly and boost usability. Visit the website for more information, and yes, I'm affiliated with the product. Just trying an SEO experiment.

What's not to like? I'll give Anywhere Pad a biased rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.
- Manny

Jan 18, 2013

My First 3,000+ Visits in a Month

Posted Jan 18, 2013
This entry is a marker for my statistics, similar to my April 2012 entry: "My First 1,000+ visits.."

In my last entry, I had 1,000+ visitors in a month. Upon checking again today, I had 3,266 visitors in the month of December for mvergel.com; a 200% increase in the rate of visits since my last post.

My yearly statistics also improved. In my previous post, I had a merely 4,000+ visitors for the year 2011. In 2012, I had 22,000+ visitors; a 400+% increase!

I also moved up in the Alexa rating. My Alexa Trend/Rank last April 2012 was 8,280,675th for 1 Month ranking, 9,118,259th. Now it is 1,192,962nd and 1,627,888th respectively. I'm nearing the 6 digits mark! Of course, Google.com is still number 1.

My programming blog still has the most number of visits, good to know it's helping other people's problem. Second is my personal blog. My niche blog, blog.pesobility.com has already surpassed my food blog in terms of the number of visitors and it has only been up for several months.

I have a lot of blogs! Blogger doesn't have categories like Wordpress so I create new blogs as a way to categorize my posts. I'm even trying to sub categorize Pesobility (the general investment blog) and Pesobility Stocks (Stocks related blog, since stock trading is a different world).

I'm glad to see an improvement in my traffic and I'm learning from this experience so I can apply it to my niche site pesobility.com

I think the following contributed to the increase in visitors:
1. Writing more content (duh) which are beneficial to other people and spark interest.
2. Improving search engine optimisation. I write more tags now, and I improved my meta tags in my page and also linked my Google plus account.
3. Improved the layout and theme. It's mobile friendly and simplistic.

Jan 11, 2013

Do Bananas Float in Seawater?

Posted Jan 11, 2013
Warning this is a spoiler for the 2013 movie Life of Pi.

After watching Life of Pi, I'm not sure which one is the true story. The only giveaway was the banana "fact". In the first story, the Orangutan was on a pile of bananas that float. In the end, the Japanese representative said that bananas don't float. If that's true, then the first story (The one about the animals) may be false. He may have just been hallucinating or traumatized as a child.

After researching, bananas do not easily float.. in freshwater. However, almost anything can float in seawater because of its salinity and density affecting the buoyancy (Highschool all over again). Darn, I thought there was a give away, apparently the Japanese wasn't correct in saying that bananas do not float.

Anyway, I think the whole point of the story is faith. Would you believe in impossible things? :>

Btw, movie is worth watching in 3D. I give it 3.5/5 stars

Jan 6, 2013

Opo Pinoy Style with Amalayer and Mikey Bustos [Video]

Posted Jan 6, 2013
It's not so bad. A parody of the popular Gangnam Style by Psy. It also features the Amalayer girl Paula Salvosa. As they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity. :)