Dec 9, 2012

Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 Live Blog

Posted Dec 9, 2012

Upto the minute update on pacquiao marquez 4 fight. Just refresh this page regularly to see the updates.


For a moment, I thought Manny died. I think Manny should retire.

2.05pm - Manny on the interview says he didn't expect the punch. Says he was over confident. Will we expect a 5th match? Bob Arum says, Why Not.

2pm - Marquez had a definitive win on rouand 6 which he was targetting for.

2pm - Marquez wins by knock out victory. A SAD day for Filipinos.

1.54pm Manny is up.

1.53pm Manny still not getting up.

1.49pm - Round 6. Good punches by Manny. Marquez retaliates with counter punches.  Manny is down, seems for good.

1.45pm - Round 5. Marquez touches the canvas! Fight is getting more intense. Fight continues. Manny hammers Marquez. Crowd roars as Marquez was cornered. Good round for Manny.

1.41pm - Round 4. Manny more cautious on this round. Jinky and the rest of Filipinos looking more nervous.

1.47pm - Round 3. Manny knocked down. Gets up quickly. A small victory for Marquez.

1.33pm - Round 2. Manny taking the lead.  Round ends. Not much action, but manny is more active.

1.30pm - Round 1 starts.  Manny starts to connect clean shots. Manny is dictating the fight on their first round.

1.27pm - Kenny Bayles as the referee. Pacman on gray shorts. Marquez on black. Instructions have been given.

1.24pm - Manny Pacquiao enters. Crowd roars. Jinky looking a bit anxious.

1.15pm - Juan Manuel Marquez enters the arena first. 

1.11pm - National anthems have been sung. Video regarding the history between the two fighter starts

1.02pm - "Round 37" of Pacquiao - Marquez starts in a while.

12.59pm - End of 12 rounds. Gamboa announced as the winner. Farenas has great stamina to survive all the rounds.

12.50pm - Round 10 ends. Not much action this time.

12.45pm - Round 9. Farenas knocks down gamboa!  Fight continues.

12.35pm - Round 7. Farenas being hammered. Down for the second time, but quickly recovers. Farenas connects new punches to Gamboa. This is not over yet.

12.24pm - this is an intense fight. Farenas hitting solid punches, seem to wobble Gamboa.

12.16pm - crowd roars as Farenas seems to hurt Gamboa.

Farenas knocked down at round 2 by a quick right hand.

12.10pm - Gamboa - Farenas fight starts. This is the last match before the Pacquiao - Marquez fight.

12.01pm - Gamboa vs Farenas (from the Philippines) is about to start.

50 Cent performs live at the arena as Gamboa enters the ring.

11.58am - Manny is being interviewed at the locker room, says he's ready for the fight and very focused.

11.34am - Main fight is yet to start

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