May 30, 2011

Productive Sunday

Posted May 30, 2011
The Usual but not so much..
I toured my colleague, Eka, to the usual places in London. The same places where my other colleague, Jenny, toured me before plus more because we entered the British Museum and we get to "accidentally not by accident" attended a Hillsong service which was great. (love the oxymoron)

It's the second time for me for the Big Ben, Buckingham, St. James Park and several nearby landmarks and I'm still mesmerized most especially by the great deal of effort the city made to preserve its history through its architecture.

This time it's more peaceful, less tourists and I get to enjoy the scenery more without getting stressed by people walking around in great numbers. I took pictures of several animals in St. James park and again I was amazed because I don't get to see much of the wildlife in my country as free as this. Most of the times they are just caged or leashed which is sad, really. I remember the tortoise in Guimaras which was tied in a long rope, I'm not sure but I think its shell was punctured where the rope was tied.

The Highlights: Desserts.Museum.Hillsong

One of the highlights of this Sunday is the dessert from an Italian restaurant named SPQR(?). Fresh strawberries, just the right amount of sweetness, lovely texture; it was heavenly! Considering I find most of the food here unexciting, this dessert was definitely a surprise. I don't know the name of the dessert, just pick any of the two which has strawberries in it; believe me that are both are satisfying.

It was the same dessert shop I was hooked into the first time I visited but didn't get the chance to taste it. It was love at first and second sight :) I'd recommend this to anyone who's visiting, and just this once, don't mind the price.

The next highlight for me is the British Museum. I enjoyed it as I basked myself with culture... plus it's free; can't beat that.

I especially liked the Egypt room because the things I watched in Discovery and Nat Geo were realized in that room. It was a bit disappointing not to see majestic relics like the mask of Tutankhamun or the gold sarcophagus with Anubis head.

I had a feeling of "history information overload"; to appreciate all of the things inside the British Museum, I need more than one day. I just skimmed through most of the items, maybe next time I'll get a chance to read more about them. More pictures here.

And to cap this Sunday, what's better than to get lost and find your way in a Church service. I like God, He has a witty sense of humor.

All was great and it was powerful. No nonsense, just pure worship, testimonies and God's word. A visiting pastor from India preached and shared his life. It was inspiring. I also became aware about the status of children in India and it's very sad to hear about their poverty and abuse.

It's good that Christians are helping to rise a new generation of capable believers; and when I say capable, they are not just giving them a belief, they are giving them a life with education, health-care, food, job, faith and a direction in life with Christ to help them get up and later help others as well. It's a viable chain reaction and probably the only networking or multi-level marketing I'll be involved with. More pictures here.

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