May 5, 2011

Aloha Doha!

Posted May 5, 2011

Aloha Doha sounds like a spell hehe. Anyway, I'm here at Doha Airport (Qatar) for a connecting flight to London. It's 11:30pm now (4:30am in the Philippines) and our next flight is at 8am! Argh on the long waiting time! I'm reminded of the time we flew to CDO where we saw people literally sleeping on the airport floor. Will this be our predicament? Haha!

We left Manila at 6:20pm (UTC+8) and arrived here at 10:30pm (UTC+3). The entire trip took 9 hours which is a bit confusing at first due to the time difference. I found myself bouncing between my cellphone which is in RP time and my watch (thank you Pearl!) which is in UK time then doing some basic math which is hard!

So why am I here? This trip is for a business visit to a client in London. I'm with my officemate, Miss Jen, she's easily nauseated but it is a good thing that she didn't throw up. We didn't encounter much turbulence so I enjoyed watching two movies (The Mechanic and I am Number Four) and three 30rock episodes.

On my left was another pinay. Her name is Sheila and she's from CDO. She's on her way to Copenhagen as an exchange student, specifically a working exchange student. It's interesting to know the ways of Filipinos on other countries, but I'm afraid I cannot disclose too much information here.

I don't know much about other airlines but Qatar Airways is great! Well, maybe because I've been used to Cebu Pacific's sub-economy flights. Qatar Airways economy flight from Mla to Doha includes unlimited drinks and two decent meals (Choice of Cream Dory, Chicken Adobo, Braised Beef, and Chicken with tomato sauce). I chose cream dory and orange juice for my first meal and braised beef and apple juice for my second. Sarap rin! Although vegetables was a bit saggy and the salad had a bitter taste. I would've gone for white wine for my cream dory but I didn't know they serve wines for free. They offer Smirnoff too, so maybe you can get a bit tipsy without the extra charge.

Signing off... hope to get pictures for my next posts... and yes, I miss you too ;)

As a side note, just now, a big guy just approached me with an iPhone and a cable and said "wujuju?", yeah I didn't quite understand what he said but it's clear he wants to charge his iPhone on my computer, I just smiled and he assumingly went closer and plugged his cable in to my laptop. and yes, he's still in front of me. Lol at plugging his cable to my lap... top


  1. "I'm reminded of the time we flew to CDO where we saw people literally sleeping on the airport floor. Will this be our predicament? Haha!"

    -- and..was it? :)) by now you should be in Waterloo! Waterloo! haha, enjoy! i cooked pasta with red sauce and parmesan crusted fish fillet! huh! and i have wine, too (though i didn't drink it)! hahaha mangiinggit lang din :))

  2. I'm in London!!! :) Hahaha, hindi naman kami natulog sa sahig, sa seat lang haha! Ansarap naman ng niluto mo, ako burger king lang binili ko ngayon hehe