May 6, 2011

Hello London!

Posted May 6, 2011
I was a bit anxious about my flight to London earlier today because Miss Jen took a different route from Doha so I was alone on this one. Both of our flights were delayed, but mine took longer (additional 1hr). Luckily, I have still found Miss Jen on our designated meeting point at the Waterloo station even though I was more than an hour late.

Side note: Every time I see the word "Waterloo", Little Lulu's song pops into my head haha! "Waterlulu, Waterlulu with freckles on her skin..." Anyhow, I took "The Tube" (see picture below) from Airport to Waterloo. It's a railway system underneath the city much like a subway but I'm not sure if it can be considered as such. I remember Hong Kong's railway system, it's similar to that.

Finalleh, I'm in London! It's breath-taking... Good time of the year (Spring), cold breeze much like Baguio, clean air, walkable streets, vintage buildings; the positive things can go on and on... but I must not forget that I'm here for work! work! work! Hahaha!

However, I try to avoid converting prices here to Philippine Peso so as not to focus on the fact that the cost of almost everything here is a bit high; from transport to food. Thus my dinner for tonight: a Burger King Whopper sandwich (£,3.69) and a bottle of coke, yummy nevertheless. :) I don't know if it's just me, but the coke here tastes... "Coke-ier". Lol! More pictures here.

This is a really nice place, but it would've been extraordinary if the time spent here is with the people you love and care the most. I'll definitely be back here. <3


  1. Londoooooon!! <3 hee, love your pic up there and yung pic ni ms jen with her arm (and leg) stretched forward. :)) yes! you must definitely go back! ;)