Feb 10, 2014

I feel deceived by Globe's Unlimited LTE Plan

Posted Feb 10, 2014
[Update] You can sign the petition for Globe to remove the capping here. Thanks JP for sharing the link.

Last year when iPhone 5 was released, I subscribed to Globe's 1,799 postpaid plan because it promised Unlimited LTE to its iPhone 5 users. All of a sudden, Globe released a fair usage policy (FUP). What happened was my unlimited LTE data became limited to 3GB per month.

It's stated in Globe's FUP that Mobile surfing offers from Globe are generally meant for emailing, browsing and search activities. Seems awfully strange to read that line after I was offered an unlimited 42mbps data plan.

I asked Globe if I can downgrade my plan but they said I have to pay since I'm currently locked in. I replied, "Shouldn't it be free because you changed your policy / advertisement?" They said they will "sort and iron out the details." So for the mean time, I wait. So while I wait, I will write

I want to downgrade because I'd like to get a DSL instead with no nonsense capping, and I'm okay that I can only use it at home, at least it's unlimited. Globe's unlimited LTE is not worth it anymore, I'm more than satisfied with powersurf 99 if I can't use my unli data plan for downloading and streaming. 

I'm actually not against capping, I'm against extreme capping! Firstly, the 3GB a month, that's way too small, and next is the sudden drop in speed; from LTE's 42mbps theoretical speed, my connection speed will be downgraded to 2G (~50kbps-200kbps). So from around 44,000,000 bits/second down to 51,000 bits/s? A 99.9% loss?! (That's worse than the Philippine stock market!)

It would be more acceptable if my LTE connection were to be downgraded to 3G. Anyway, I don't know which committee should decide on this, is it the NTC or the 'madlang people'? Nevertheless, I feel deceived by Globe's false advertisement.

The cartoon below summarizes how I'm feeling about Globe's FUP.

Click the image for full size.
Credits to Sir Roy for the rotten banana logic and convo.
I intentionally wrote Unlimited LTE instead of Unlimited Data Plan even though fewer people can relate to it. Unli data is not a compelling argument since Globe is insisting that the data is still unlimited. So my argument is why advertise unlimited LTE when it's not really unlimited?

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