Aug 21, 2013

My first 16,000+ visits in a month

Posted Aug 21, 2013

Last year, 2012, I had my first 3,000+ visits which was around 200% increase in the rate of visits from 2011. This year, 2013, I had my 16,508+ visits or around ~500 visitors per day. This is a 400% increase from the previous year.

Before: 3,000+ Now: 16,000+

My yearly statistics also improved from 22,000 visitors to 119,000 visitors; a 440% increase.

Before: 22,000+ Now: 119,000+

My alexa rating continues to move up from a ranking of 1,192,962th in 2012 to 651,786th in 2013. is in the 6 digits ranking now, target is to move to 5 digits or below the 100,000 mark. This is good, considering there are now 3.58B websites in the world as of Aug 2013.

Before: 1.1M+ Now: 651K+

For my blog statistics, my personal blog "Manny Vergel spaces out!" with 150K+ page views is still leading because I can write anything under the sun. Whatever topic that's not related to finance, programming or food and that's a big scope.

My programming blog is in the second place with 77K+ views. I mostly write about Node JS, Oracle, SQL, iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Java.

Pesobility blog is in the third place. This is my niche blog about finances, investments and the Philippine Stock Market. In only a few months, it already has 55K+ pageviews. It will probably be my number one blog soon (2-3 years).

My food blog came in last with 12K+ views. I enjoy eating in new restaurants but I don't have the time to write much about it. Hopefully soon, I'll do something about it and probably create a separate website with collaborative food blogging since this is my weakest point. I need the help of others to write content and increase traffic.

What changed? How to increase site traffic

  1. SEO was definitely improved. Choice of keywords and tags are important, how you construct an entry to use different words that has a more probability of being searched.
  2. The Google+ profile helped so that you'll see a picture when I'm in the search results of google.
  3. Additional rich meta's like in reviews, so you'll see star ratings.
  4. Writing more content. The more original, the better as Google is not fond of duplicate contents. As always, content is king.

    Two of the most memorable blogs I wrote was about 1) The Murder caught by Google Maps (it has 37K+ pageviews) and 2) Do bananas float in sea water (from the movie Life of Pi; it has 50K+ page views and posts in the comment section were remarkable, people were really posting their opinions and views).
People ask how you can increase your site traffic. My site traffic is not even that huge (currently 500 to 1500+ page views per day) but it's definitely improving. If you're still stuck in the very low levels like 20-30 page views a day or less, you may consider improving your content first. What are you offering? Is it offered by other websites, if so, what's the difference? Why would people visit your website instead of the competition.

If you're blogging or making youtube videos, think what is interesting, what is stimulating to the mind; maybe something controversial, or something others would find useful. Know your audience: is trickier since this is not a niche site, and people from all over the world visits this site unlike with where my site traffic mostly comes from my country, the Philippines.

Finding your niche may also prove beneficial. Publish what you're really passionate about and focus on that specific category. For me, I became passionate about investments and finance management and I want to share this to other people because I was amazed that there's so little information and awareness especially in my country. In pesobility, I write posts about the different investment vehicles and my views on the Philippine Stock Market.

Anyway, this is for another blog, I'll post more about this in a separate post.

As I said in my previous post, I'll apply the SEO techniques I learned in my new niche website In addition to these, I've also added social marketing since I have a specific target audience. It's only a basic marketing like having a Twitter account and a Facebook page where people can follow what's happening to the website. This proves to be beneficial in traffic.

My first 6000+ visits for started early this year (2013). It is moving quickly, it began with 130 visitors last February then 1000+ in April, and 6000+ last July.

pesobility alexa ranking: 1.4M+

Alexa ranking of is now at 1,466,074. I'm hoping to see an improvement by next year since it has been only up for a few months.

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