Aug 1, 2013

Alien Reptilians Control Our World, would you believe?

Posted Aug 1, 2013
Public Policy Polling conducted a U.S. survey about conspiracy theories which produced surprising results:

Obama is the AntiChrist: Thirteen percent believed this is true. So will Obama unite the entire world as one and place the mark of the beast to earth's population? We'll see.

Global Warming is a hoax: 37 percent believed global warming is a hoax. Somehow, part of me doesn't believe in this; that the earth is in its natural cycle of getting hot / getting cold, and it's not caused by what we do.

Fake moon landing: Seven percent believed the moon landing was faked. I watched this in Exposed and they showed some compelling evidences; that it has been done in a studio with a controlled environment. I don't know, NASA / other scientists have already disproven each evidence with a scientific explanation. Who knows.

Shape-shifting reptiles from other planet takes on human form to control our world: Four percent of Americans believed in this. This is one of the more bizare conspiracy theories I have heard / read. But when I googled it, there are images and videos of evidences that this is true (I'm guessing they are fake). Some show eyes of politicans that look like reptiles, or part of the body that looks like it's partly lizard. And to think a good number of people believe in this stuff makes me uneasy.

Aliens exist: 30% said yes, they believe it. There's a lot of shows / documentaries about aliens and most are fun to watch. But if I were to pick one version, I would pick that we, ourselves, are aliens.

A secret powerful elite conspires to rule the world through an authoritarian world government and impose a new world order: 28%. Sounds antichrist-y to me. Before that happens, I guess we need the unification of countries to form a bigger organisation like what happened in European union. Will there be an Asian union? It's hard to control so many counties; like in the military, probably easier to do a chain of command. I'm just saying, but I don't believe in that a new world order is in the making.

Media or the government adds secret mind-controlling technology to television broadcast signals: Fifteen percent. They don't have to do that actually, even without the technology, just watching normal tv will hypnotize you and put messages in your head and order your subconscious to do something. Even a lie told often becomes the truth. That's why advertising is very effective.

Pharmaceutical companies and the medical industry are working together to invent new diseases for more money. Fifteen percent. People are watching too many hollywood movies. And probably those same people who owns pharmacuetical companies will think of doing that, in the end, conspiracy may become the truth.

U.S. government allowed the 9/11 attack. Eleven percent. No comment on this controversial manner that happened on September 11, 2001. I believe in the conspiracy that an entity in U.S. are watching everyone's blogs, emails, facebook groups, chats, etc. Kinda like the TV series, Person of Interest. Now, I'm watching too much TV.

How about you? What do you believe?

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