Feb 17, 2013

[Solved] 50MB 3G Download Limit of iPhone

Posted Feb 17, 2013
When you have unlimited data plan, it is annoying to see a "This Item is Over 50MB" error when you download big apps. Normally, you just have to find a working wifi like in malls, libraries, restaurants or even at home.

But in special cases that you don't have wifi access, but you have your computer / laptop, there is a workaround to bypass the download limit imposed by iOS6: Tether your iPhone internet to your laptop and share it back to your iPhone via Wi-Fi:

How to Bypass the 50MB Appstore Limit using Connectify

  1. Turn off your iPhone Wi-Fi and connect your iPhone cable to your laptop. Turn-on personal hotspot.
  2. Specify "Apple Mobile Device Ethernet" in the Internet to Share field of Connectify and start you wireless hotspot.
    Download and install Connectify if you don't have one yet.

  3. Turn on your iPhone Wi-Fi and connect to your Connectify hotspot
That's it! You should be able to download apps larger than 50MB.


  1. Wanted to know whether this is possible just to over cross the limit of 50MB or more than that?

  2. Using 3G or LTE? No, but you can trick iPhone into using wifi where the source of your internet connection is 3G, you just need a laptop and follow the steps above.