Feb 4, 2013

[Solved] How to Change Google Chrome Language to English

Posted Feb 4, 2013
When you download Google Chrome for the first time, it defaults to your local language. E.g. here in the Philippines it defaults to Tagalog / Filipino. It is annoying to use an application in a different language, especially when you're used to the English menu and settings so I documented the steps to set the language of Google Chrome to English for easy reference later.

Note that the old Google Chrome's under the hood is not available anymore, and the steps to change the locale of the application has been changed in newer versions.

Changing Google Chrome Language to English

  1. Click the customize icon on the right side of the address bar and click "Settings".

  2. Go to Advanced Settings

  3. Go to Languages and Spell Checker Settings

  4. Click English and click Display Google Chrome in this language

  5. Restart Google Chrome (Close it and open it again).
That's it, your Google Chrome browser should now be in English. Happy surfing!

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