Apr 12, 2012

My first 1000+ visits in one month

Posted Apr 12, 2012

I'm quite happy today that I'm blogging during my lunch break. I have not visited my Google Analytics page for a while and I was surprised to to learn that for March 2012, I hit the 1k+ page visits on my website. I know it's not stellar, but in my own little world it is, since I only get around 50-200 visits in a month.

2011-2012 statistics

For March 2011 - March 2012 I got a total of 8,388 page views and 3,441 unique visitors. Again, this is minuscule as compared to Google who has a daily traffic of more than 1B! I'm thinking of experimenting to increase my traffic.

I was inspired to dig deeper, and checked my Alexa ranking. For those who doesn't know, Alexa ranking is a popular ranking for websites which gives an estimate where you are positioned in the vast cloud we call the internet. Cool, I'm in 9,118,259th place hahaha! AFAIK, I was in the 12M+ before. I wonder when will I reach 6 digits and below.

Above information is from mvergel.com's homepage and albums page only. For my three blogs: Personal (Spacing Out), Programming (Dead-Simple Solutions) and Food (Hungreh) I have different set of statistics. I feel that most of the visits to my homepage come from users reading my Programming blog since it is the blog getting the most traffic among the three. 


  1. Congrats on your success. My site recently got to 1000 visitors as well. It's called TravelVideoideas.com
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Manny, Grizzly Gaming, did you do anything special to get 1000 visits? We are a new blog (little over a month old) but have been leveraging social media quite a bit which seems to be helping, but we've currently plateaued at about 30 a day, any tips?

  3. Hi Valarko7. You may also want to read My first 16,000+ visits.

    I tried searching your website on Google and the website is not the first in rank, I think it's your Youtube channel. Mostly about minecraft videos, right?

    Videos are good but it's harder to search since there are less words. Make sure your keywords are properly in place and your title is catchy. If you are into minecraft, make videos of minecraft events that is mentally stimulating, maybe something controversial or something that would make people think.. in other words, more original content. Even a minecraft tutorial would be a good start. Think what people would search, for example if I'm stuck in a level or if it's hard to do an item or how or where do you get a raw material for a specific item that is valuable in the game. Something like that.

    Among your videos, the timelapse is the most interesting. Just the title already catches my attention. Make more videos with catchy title, or title others would find interesting.

    Also, the social marketing aspect is only helpful if you have original content to offer. If you only have a few videos, you won't attract visitors even if you have thousands of followers. Focus on content first, publish more videos or write more articles then focus on the rest later: marketing, SEO, etc.

  4. Hi Manny, sorry we were redirecting our question to Grizzly Gaming, we are not them. Our website is puppyset.com, it's a dog blog and affiliate shop. Thanks for the link to the other article it was very insightful.