Oct 3, 2012

I bought another domain! Pesobility.com

Posted Oct 3, 2012
I just bought pesobility.com. This is related to a rant I posted regarding the free edition of Google Apps.

I just thought of documenting how I'm starting to invest my money and the term pesobility came to mind. I looked it up, lo and behold it's still available! I couldn't let it pass, so I quickly made the purchase hahaha! Is it counted as an impulse buy?

Yes that's the rush logo I made just to replace the default favorite icon of the site; it looks Christmasy! Weird, it's only up for one day and it already has 200+ views already. Maybe something to do with the topic of money, it attracts people, lol!

Right now it's still under construction. It will start with a blog, then later build the website. Please support it and subscribe to blog updates especially if you want to learn how to start investing your money in the Philippines. I'll research for you!

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