Jul 17, 2013

You can now buy Lebron James tickets

Posted Jul 17, 2013
Nike Philippines just released the free Lebron James tickets today and many people are in BGC right now to claim it. Those who fell in line yesterday were given stubs with the time when they can claim the free tickets. Rumors say they stopped giving stubs 10AM today, but people are still lining up for a chance to get free tickets.

The same free tickets are now being sold in sulit.com.ph at around 2,500 to P5,000 each. I guess the cost justifies the popularity and demand even though no details were disclosed what Lebron James will actually do here in Manila on Tuesday (July 23). If you are a die hard fan, seeing him smile in real life is probably worth the money.

So if you're in dire need and you want to know where to get Lebron James tickets, even if you have to pay for it, it's probably sold in buy and sell sites like sulit.

A word of caution: BEWARE OF SCAMMERS.

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