Dec 6, 2011

Evolution of mah phone

Posted Dec 6, 2011
I love weird phones!

Nokia 3210 
First phone; I was in 2nd year high school when I got this one, rumored to cause explosions in gas stations and cause sterility due to strong signal but that didn't stop me from using it everyday.

Nokia 3650 
No one can use this phone except me. Everyone who tried using it to send text messages when they're out of credits didn't make it and just gave up due to out-of-this-world keyboard design, which is good for me.

Nokia e70
My first "business" phone. It's weird how you flip this phone to use its QWERTY keyboard; sometimes I feel like it's transforming into another being. Made my text life easier and geekier. :)) 

Sony Ericsson (SE) P1i (Actual Pic) 
My first SE phone, I didn't quite like the interface (UIQ) but loved the way you can type using your finger/nail. Enjoyed drawing using the stylus that comes with it. But this phone has serious usability problems: You won't know immediately if your message was sent successfully, and your reminders are hidden from sight which baffles me to this day.  
OT: From this point on, you can also see the evolution of my hand :))

Nokia E71 (Actual Pic)  
Has a premium build which oozes with class when it first came out. Loved the QWERTY keyboard, felt nice in my hands. Can't do much with it but what it can do it does pretty well.

SE XPeria Arc S (Actual Pic) 
My current phone as of writing. First phone without a tactile keypad. So far so good, but I can't use the keyboard while driving; good thing there's voice recognition. It's incredibly fast to send and receive text messages (lol at this observation; shocked the first time to inquire my remaining balance). Watching movies on the go is a pleasure.
So why not iPhone 4S? So many reasons: price, weirdness level, customization, no dedicated camera button to name a few. I really want the iPhone for Instagram, hopefully creators will show some love for Android.


  1. "Can't do much with it but what it can do it does pretty well."

    Hmm..sounds familiar. Noh, mr. lee? :)) lol, magulat ka nagcomment nga si mr. Lee. Haha!

  2. proud to say i've seen all your phones. :P

  3. Your phone just keeps on getting better and better, how do you find the touch screen keyboard?
    membrane keypad