Apr 11, 2011

Niche Blogging

Posted Apr 11, 2011

I've been contemplating for a while if I should proceed with a niche blog. Niche blogging contains articles for a particular market area or you've guessed it, "niche". Much like Engadget or our very own Yugatech here in the Philippines. It is particularly useful if you want to share your knowledge or passion to the world. I'd like the idea of passion coming in because I believe a blogger who has passion won't base his or her success on monetary income.

Although I have specific likes, I'm still confused which one to focus on. My top 3 topics of choice would be gadgets, food, and programming.

Blogging about gadgets is possibly costly. Famous gadget bloggers already have sponsors, or enough money flow from their website to buy the product and test it. I do buy my gadgets, but not enough to blog daily about it. Of course you can read reviews made by others and compile them but I don't know, it would feel, hmm less credible? Anyway the target audience for this would be us gadget freaks and I know we are huge in numbers.

Food! I love eating. It is probably the most common thing we humans share. But beyond eating, I love to discover good food. The good thing about food is it's everywhere; could be cheap, just right, or downright expensive. Unlike gadgets, food can be localized like blogging where are the great restaurants here in the Philippines, here in Metro Manila, or even here in Pasig? One problem here is the competition since this is arguably the easiest topic to blog about. There are already a lot of food bloggers out there, and it's getting harder to separate one from the other. But since it's food, there are a lot of possible ways to make your blog unique. Target audience: The entire human race, it cannot get bigger or better than that (fine, argumentative). I have many friends who loves to eat good food, maybe I can invite them for a collaborative blogging :)

And finally, programming. I aimed for it when I was in high-school, studied it in college, and now it's my bread and butter. I'm passionate about it, I do it as a hobby (Nerd, I know), and regularly check what's happening in the world of software development. There are a lot of programming languages out there and you can't master them all. Target audience: Software developers of a specific field, which is relatively few.

It's hard to do a niche blog on your own, and I believe in collaboration to overcome this difficulty. Basing from the number of words on each topic I chose, I'm leaning towards food. Now, I'm hungry! :)

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