Mar 21, 2011

AI Top 12: When Casey Sang Nirvana

Posted Mar 21, 2011
Top 12 is over and as expected, I didn’t like the performance of the ladies. Even throughout this season of American Idol, imo, they’re forgettable. Guys, on the other hand, are really bringing the competition on; a lot of unique voices and great singers.

Overall, I like the way Casey sings, but I didn’t get his last performance singing a Nirvana song. I was excited at first because it’s part of what defined my generation (and it was noted it was a first in AI) but then again, as I was watching the video, his version felt a bit worse than the original. If I say it’s not that bad, I would be biased or lying. Whichever is the case and as a slight fan, I commend him for the risk. Just don’t sing like that in the finals and you’ll be okay.

The next singer I root for is Jacob Lusk. Although he’s a bit over emotional on stage, when he hits those high notes, it’s really good. I love his version of the song, A House is not a Home (Top 24).

One of the unique voices of this season, Paul McDonald, kinda reminds me of… Rod Stewart (was thinking of Barry Manilow, no not him!). Haha! He dances weird, but it’s cool and it’s a representation of who he is; unique and/but great (Regina Spektor suddenly flashed).

I wouldn’t be shocked if Scotty were to win this competition because I was already caught off-guard when “Need You Know” by Lady Antebellum dominated the Grammys. I have nothing against the song, it's actually very good. I just didn’t expect it will be the song of the year. Just goes to show that America loves Country music that much.

On a side note: When we were watching AI, I think none of us recognized Fergie of BEP because her face seemed to have changed big time. One of my friends commented she put on less make up that night, thus the big difference, hmm I don’t know.

Anyway, Goodbye Karen, ‘nuff said.

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